MacBro industries (R) MacBro industries (R)

The Ewe Lift

Made in Australia, by Australians and meets Australian standards.

Galvanized Steel Design


Webbing design allows sheep to be positioned in numerous way: Standing up, sideways or on their back.


Easily lifts sheep in a safe and reliable manner.
Improves efficiency and productivity in everyday work.


Easily compacted for transport, storage and usability.
Improves health of livestock and ability to treat injured animals.
Improves work place health and safety.
Reduces injuries and strains.

How the 'Ewe Lift' works

Place next to sheep. Move sheep on.  

MacBro industries (R)

MacBro industries (R)

Lift onto tray Supports injured animals  
MacBro industries (R) MacBro industries (R)