Shearing Plant Spare Parts

Makes and models include Lister, Sunbeam, Cooper, Shearpower, Heiniger and Moffat-Virtue.

Cooper (R) Sunbeam (R)
Lister(R) Moffat Virtue (R)


Shearing plant parts. A full range of parts for all makes. Lister, Moffat-Virtue, Sunbeam, Cooper, Shearpower – Electric and Shaftdriven.
Just ring Mark and ask!

Moffat Virtue no8 Shaft Moffat Virtue 75/85

Cooper Master Model Shearpower Shaft Gear

Sunbeam X508 Sunbeam SGV Ultra Pro/Super Pro
Super Pro

Lister Super Duplex Lister Golden 50 Lister Electric (all Models)
Ronaldson Tippett Shearing Plant

Moffat-Virtue parts, Electric & Shaftdriven.

Down tube drives.
Any assembly off the shelf or made to order.

Exchange motors
Cooper, Sunbeam = X508, SGV, Superpro, Ultrapro.

Cooper & Sunbeam
Drive cones all makes, down tube springs, short tubes, drive cores, cogs, elbows & much more.



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